Automatic river quality monitoring

KIPSI-project utilizes EHP’s real-time water quality monitoring and data classification.

KIPSI-project, coordinated by The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, aims at decreasing the phosforous and suspended solids load from field runoff waters by treating 50 000 – 80 000 hectares of field with gypsum. The results of the gypsum-spreading is evaluated with three real-time online water quality and quantity monitoring stations. It is s three year project beginning in spring 2020 and lasting until end of year 2022. Real-time water quality monitoring is planned to be continue until end of 2025.

In March 2020 EHP Environment Oy installed monitoring stations to river Tarvasjoki, Vähäjoki and Paattistenjoki. These monitoring stations measure water level, temperature, turbidity and conductivity. Stations measure every one hour and are powered by batteries and solar panels. The installations were conducted according to EHP’s experience from silimar applications and in a way that measurements work thoughout the year even under ice. Installation technique also enables the services for each sensor to be done easily. Although water quality sensors often include automatic cleaning, they still need manual cleaning and calibration. In this project the customer, ELY-centre of South West Finland, is responsible for manual cleaning activities in the field, while EHP provides more comprehensive annual services twice every year.

EHP-Dataservice is used as data collection and analysis platform. Monitoring data is followed with automatic alarms and by EHP specialist, who also takes care of data classification.