Reliable monitoring solutions for various needs

EHP offers comprehensive real-time online monitoring solutions for water quantity and quality, weather and ground monitoring. Different solutions can be combined together and also tailor according to your needs.

Monitoring stations for harsh field conditions

EHP Environment’s online monitoring stations work without mains power even in the most challenging conditions. This means realiable operation 24/7/365 in temperatures between -40 – +80 °C.

Advanced sensor technology often involves automated cleaning against fouling increasing the reliability of the measurement. Our monitoring stations are designed from carefully selected and designed components, ensuring minimal electricity consumption in the field. This way our measuring stations reliably operate with batteries and solar panels throughout the year, even during the dark and cold winter.

EHP monitoring stations are compact, lightweight and intelligent – it is easy to move them to different place and also change the sensor setup according to needs.

Examples of measured parameters


  • surface and ground water level
  • flow in ditches, pipelines, rivers and at sea
  • liquid flow and volume measurements with ulrasonic measurement
  • pH
  • water temperature
  • suspended solids
  • turbidity
  • conductivity
  • oil-in-water
  • dissolved heavy metals
  • dissolved oxygen
  • NO3-N, NO2-N, NH4-N
  • colour
  • a-chlorophyll
  • blue algae (phycocyanin)
  • redox potential


  • moisture
  • temperature
  • pore pressure
  • inclination
  • turbidity of seepage water


  • wind direction and speed
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • rainfall
  • air pressure
  • radiation
  • snowfall

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