Real-time monitoring of surface water

The EHP-QMS monitoring station automates surface water level and quality monitoring. Real-time online monitoring detects changes in water level and quality faster and more reliably than manual sampling. Water level data can be shown in the altitude system our customer uses, which makes it easy to utilize the information. The monitoring station is compact, easy to move and can be tailored later to meet changing needs. Thanks to our multi-channel DL12-datalogger, water quality and weather measurements can easily be added afterwards.

Use for:

  • To replace manual surface water level measuring
  • Water quality monitoring in ditches, lakes and rivers
  • Environmental load monitoring
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Surface water quality control during road construction work

Year: 2016-2018  |  Customer: YIT Rakennus Oy  |  Location: E18 highway in Finland
EHP delivered five EHP-QMS monitoring stations to monitor turbidity and pH levels in ditches as well as the rainfall in the area. Customer received SMS message and an alarm e-mail of water quality changes. Real-time online monitoring was used to follow how the road construction affected surface water quality.

Environmental load controlling of peat production

Year: 2017  |  Customer: Vaskiluodon Voima Oy  |  Location: Iso-Kerusneva, Ilmajoki, Finland
EHP automated the water purification process monitoring of this peat swamp with two EHP-1200MS monitoring wells, equipped with online flow, pH, suspended solids, turbidity and COD monitoring.

The environmental monitoring program was changed with permission of Regional State Administration Agencies and manual sampling could be replaced by EHP's online measurements.