EHP-Monitoring well

Flow and water quality monitoring all year around

EHP has developed and patented an insulated monitoring well which enables real-time online flow and water quality to be measured throughout the year. The flow measurement is based on V-notch structure integrated inside the well. The working-floor structure increases safety at work and an inspection hatch facilitates the taking of water samples. EHP monitoring wells are light-weight, robust in field use and, if necessary, movable.

We manufacture different sized monitoring wells according to needs. The most common sizes are D630, D800, D1000 and D1200 – Larger ones are made to order. Flow measurement range with these wells is 0..1400 l/s.

Installation of the monitoring well is typically in a ditch, small channel or pipeline. We provide complete installation and commissioning services for our customers.

Use for:

  • Water flow and quality monitoring in peat production, waste management centres and in the mining industry
  • Real-time online flow and quality measurements in pipelines
  • Real-time online flow and quality measurements in ditches and channels
Datasheet for details


Flow, quality and weather monitoring

Year: 2018  |  Customer: Talga, Sweden  |  Location: Vittangi, Sweden
EHP-monitoring well measuring flow, water quality and weather parameters was installed to the discharge point of the quarry. The station measures pH, conductivity, flow, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction and air temperature.