Flow monitoring in partially full and full pipes, channels and ditches

Flow monitoring in partially full, full pipes or regular shaped channels is done with an ultrasonic sensor. A mounting bracket or a specially designed rack is used for the installation. The solution does not cause any damming and is able to measure current, cumulative and backflow.

The flow monitoring of full pipes is done with a clamp-on ultrasonic sensor pair mounted on top of a pipeline. The installation can be made without cutting the pipeline and solution is completely maintenance-free. Sensor-pair can even be installed to a submerged pipeline underwater, or with the pipeline inside a EHP protection well. The latter method is the EHP-MSU, a patented flow monitoring solution to detect leakages in water supply network.

Use for:

  • flow monitoring in partially full, intermittently partially full or full pipes and pipelines
  • flow monitoring of regular shaped open channels or streams without causing damming
  • leakage detection of water supply network with a patented technology
  • flow monitoring in open ditches with a measuring pipe solution where damming is not allowed
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