Real-time measurements for dam safety

EHP-GROUND provides real-time monitoring of ground conditions in dams and other locations. One or more ground monitoring sensors are connected to the station.  

Typical measurements include horizontal and vertical ground movement measurements with inclinometers and pore pressure monitoring with piezometers. Ground temperature measurements at different depths and water level measurements from ground water pipes can also be integrated to EHP-GROUND.

Use for:

  • Tailing dam’s inclination real-time online measurement and alarms
  • Pore pressure monitoring in dams
  • Automatic monitoring of water level in ground water pipes
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Tailing dam's environmental safety

Year: 2016  |  Customer: Agnico Eagle Finland  |  Location: Kittilä gold mine
13 EHP-GROUND online monitoring stations were delivered to the tailing dam monitoring. The stations measure pore pressure in two depths in each point and inclination of the dam to two directions from the ground level up to ten meter depth.