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Advanced software and professional maintenance are the key elements for reliable measurements. We provide the right tools to follow the performance of the monitoring stations, the measurement data and to visualize and utilize the results. Our professional staff can design your real-time online environmental measurements, analyze the measurement data, assure the quality of the data and do environmental reporting.

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Our customers’ needs for real-time online measurements and related services always depend on the application and can vary a lot. Individual and flexible deliveries are a well-known part of our business. We listen carefully to our customers and develop new solutions and services to meet the needs. When required, we are ready to build up something completely unique. Please ask for more!


Examples of measured parameters


  • surface and ground water level
  • flow in ditches, pipelines, rivers and at sea
  • liquid flow and volume measurements with ulrasonic measurement
  • pH
  • water temperature
  • suspended solids
  • turbidity
  • conductivity
  • oil-in-water
  • dissolved heavy metals
  • dissolved oxygen
  • NO3-N, NO2-N, NH4-N
  • colour
  • a-chlorophyll
  • blue algae (phycocyanin)
  • redox potential


  • moisture
  • temperature
  • pore pressure
  • inclination
  • turbidity of seepage water



  • wind direction and speed
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • rainfall
  • air pressure
  • radiation
  • snowfall


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