EnMonCon makes environmental monitoring smarter and less expensive

EnMonCon – environmental monitoring concept

We redesign our customers’ monitoring programme to be based on realiable online measurements in critical monitoring points, which reduces the need for manual sampling in total. This way our concept offers significant savings in total monitoring costs, when compared to a heavy traditional monitoring program based on manual sampling.

We are able to produce almost real-time information of the status of the environment which allows you to know exactly your environmental load, optimize your processes and with the help of our early-warning system, to prevent serious environmental accidents from happening.

In EnMonCon all environmental data from different sources are directed to a central data management system where you can easily analyse it. Map-based views, automatically updated graphs and tailored reports are available for your use.

We offer manual sampling services by our sertified sample-takers, laboratory services by our accredited partner laboratory and annual reporting as part of our comprehensive monitoring concept.


  • total costs of environmental monitoring are lower, when manual sampling can be reduced
  • all environmental data is in same place, always ready to be used
  • prevention of environmental accidents
  • process optimisation is possible according to online measurements
  • EHP offers all related services easily

Utilize EnMonCon for example to:

  • replace an automatic sampler with online measurements and save in costs
  • enable industrial project to happen and achieve your environmental permit by increasing the amount of environmental data and environmental safety
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Laiva gold mine trusts EnMonCon

Year: 2018  |  Customer: Nordic Gold  |  Location: Raahe
The mine's environmental monitoring relies on six EHP-QMS water flow and quality monitoring station and one weather station. EnMonCon was approved by ELY Centre of North Ostrobothnia. Read the full story from the news section.

EnMonCon for peat industry

Year: 2017  |  Customer: Vaskiluodon Voima Oy  |  Location: Iso-Kerusneva, Ilmajoki, Finland
The monitoring program was changed with the permission of Regional State Administration Agencies and manual sampling was replaced by EHP's online measurements. Cost savings for customer were significant.

More information in thesis work:
Comprehensive environmental monitoring concept -business requirements (Nikupeteri, 2014).