Real-time online environmental monitoring and environmental safety

EHP Environment Ltd. provides modern solutions for real-time online environmental monitoring. We design, manufacture, install and operate monitoring stations in remote and harsh environments which bring valuable data for our customers in easily understandable form. Map based systems, mobile applications, early warning and alarm systems in addition to realiable measurement are our expertise. We have supplied over 800 monitoring stations to northern Europe.


Measurement data from remote monitoring stations is transfered automatically to the EHP-Dataservice, where it’s available 24/7. Numerous useful features help you easily understand and get the most out of your measurement data. Offering both information security and flexibility, the EHP-Dataservice can distribute and receive information from various sources through the API interface.

Take advantage of the dataservice’s graphic and reporting tools at your work and drive your measuring station remotely. EHP-Dataservice has been developed in cooperation with our customers and its development will never end – new advanced features are constantly being added.

EHP monitoring stations


Laiva gold mine woke up again


Nordic Gold's mine relies on EHP's real-time online environmental monitoring and alarms, the so called EnMonCon concept.

Quality and environment management system certification


Our quality and environment system is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified.

Quality and environment management system sertification


Working towards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Meo+ online dissolved heavy metals monitoring solution’s validation report by VTT


Validation report and total inaccuracy analysis of dissolved copper online monitoring.

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