Environmental monitoring in the exploration and research phases of a mine project

Mawson Gold Ltd is a Canadian mineral exploration company focusing on the exploration for precious and battery metals in the Nordic countries and Australia. The company’s most significant research project, the Rajapaloja gold-cobalt deposit, is located in the Ylitornio and Rovaniemi area. Research in the area is carried out by the Finnish subsidiary Mawson Oy. Hydrological and meteorological conditions are studied with EHP’s continuous monitoring solutions.

In Ylitornio, three measuring stations have been installed to monitor the water level, flow, weather and groundwater conditions in Palokkaanlampi and Palokkaanjoki. Continuous measurement data from the stations provides a comprehensive overview on environmental conditions and extreme weather events in the area, such as heavy rains and floods.

Automatic measurements have significantly reduced the workload and uncertainties compared to manual measurements. Data collected throughout the year can be used to create reliable models for long time periods. The predictability of hydrological conditions in different seasons is highly improved with models based on real data from the site. Manual measurements can further supplement the results obtained with automatic measurements, if necessary, and correspondingly, automatic measurements can be used to verify the accuracy of the results obtained with manual measurements.

Water quality, water level and weather monitoring stations in Palokkaanjoki and Palokkaanlampi.

Reliable hydrological models make exploration and site design easier and more secure. Precipitation, discharge and surface and groundwater levels can have major annual variations. Automatic measuring stations located in the target area ensure that reliable basic information can be accurately obtained. Identification of natural hydrological cycles is a very important part of mining project planning and also helps in identifying, timing and planning the need for further environmental research. Long-term monitoring and measurement results also confirm previous, manually collected hydrological data and its reliability by showing clear correlations with previous data.

We have been very satisfied with EHP’s service. Access to information has been reliable from the beginning. Service and customer support have been available whenever needed and communication has worked well.


A tailor-made and well-designed service has also made it possible to ensure that there are no costs associated with the service during the periods when the measuring station are out of service. EHP-Dataservice is easy to use and the collected data can be directly utilized  for modeling long time periods.


Noora Ahola, CEO, Mawson Oy

Mawson intends to continue using automatic measurements in the design of surveys and mining projects and in the collection of water-related information. In the environmental impact evaluation phase, possible supplementary measurements are also being considered, especially in the area affected by the mining project.

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