Field-ready durability with reliable results you can trust

Flow monitoring in pipes or channels is implemented through use of ultrasonic sensors. Mounting brackets or fabricated racks are used for the installation. The solution does not cause any damming and is able to measure current, cumulative and back flow. The installation can be made without cutting the pipeline, making the solution completely maintenance-free.

  • Monitor partially full and full pipes, channels and streams
  • Does not cause damming
  • Detect leaks of water supply network
  • Measuring pipe solution for open ditches

Short-term measurements

EHP-USF is small, portable and easy to install in any location. Since only the sensors are required to be physically installed to the pipeline, the system is ideal for short-term monitoring requirements. 

Monitor various types of pipelines

EHP–MSU (Measuring Station Ultra) is designed to monitor flow in full (pressure) pipelines made of plastic, metal or cast iron. The solution is suitable for pure waters as well as natural and waste waters. 


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