Real-time online surface water monitoring

Water quality in field conditions (such as ponds, basins, lakes, rivers, ditches, channels and pipes) can be monitored online year-round by using the EHP-QMS monitoring station. The system is portable, easy to move and developed to operate specifically in harsh, cold conditions. Our multi-channel DL12-datalogger makes it possible to add measurement parameters effortlessly afterwards. Measured quality parameters include organic and nutrient compounds, trace metals and oil in water.

  • Better coverage and reliability than with manual sampling
  • Monitoring of ditches, lakes, rivers, ponds, basins etc.
  • Ideal for environmental load monitoring
  • Operates in harsh, cold conditions

Solar powered

The monitoring data is transmitted wirelessly via GSM/GPRS modems while power is supplied by rechargeable batteries and solar panels.

For heavy industries and beyond

The solution is utilised in mining, energy, pulp and paper, landfills, oil and gas, forestry and administrative control industries.


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