From process optimization to oil leakage detection

EHP-OIL monitoring station is able to detect very small concentrations of oil in water. This solution is capable of measuring diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oils, gear oils, different greases, crude tall oil and other oil-like substances depending on the application. The cutting-edge design reduces the need for manual cleaning while allowing measurements in challenging conditions.

  • Industrial process water monitoring and process optimization
  • Detect any possible oil leakages quickly
  • Easier way to comply with environmental regulations
  • Great for steel and pulp industries water monitoring

UV fluorescence sensing technology

The measurement is based on UV fluorescence sensing technology and detects PAH as low as 1 ppb/l. PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) dissolves in water from almost all types of mineral oils. 

From lakes to open seas

EHP-OIL monitoring stations can be used in lakes, rivers, seas, pipelines, oil separation basins and other applications by integrating the solution to any physical EHP station model, for example an environmental buoy.


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