Water quality monitoring for industries and waste management

EHP has developed and patented an insulated monitoring well, which enables real-time online flow and water quality to be measured year round. Flow measurement is based on a V-notch structure integrated inside the well. The working-floor structure increases safety and an inspection hatch facilitates the retrieval of samples. EHP wells are light, robust and movable.

  • Used for water flow and quality monitoring
  • Can be used in pipelines, ditches and channels
  • Great for peat producers and mining companies
  • Perfect for waste management centres

Multiple sizes

We manufacture different sized monitoring wells according to needs. The most common sizes are D630, D800, D1000 and D1200 – Larger wells are made to order. Flow measurement range with these wells is 0-1400 l/s.

Light and robust design

Stations are easy to move and can be installed quickly into a ditch or channel, since they are made of light and robust HDPE plastic. This makes the stations considerably lighter compared to steel or concrete wells.


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