Reliability from ponds to rough open seas

The EHP-Environmental buoy can be utilised on lakes, at sea, and in rivers or pools. EHP buoys are used to monitor water quality for industrial emissions, turbidity at dredging sites, etc. The EHP buoy can be fitted with radar reflectors and hazard lights when necessary. Measurements can be taken at surface level or at varying depths.

  • Great for research and fish farming
  • Detect oil spills quickly
  • Monitor water levels conveniently
  • Reliable and highly accurate data

Various measurement options

Our buoy can monitor everything from water conditions (e.g. temperature, dissolved oxygen etc.) and weather conditions (e.g. wind speed) to the biological content of the water, including Chlorophyll-a, COD, BOD etc.

Wireless information

Data from the buoy is transmitted OTA to either the EHP-Dataservice or the customer’s system. GPS shows the location of the buoy and can alert you if the buoy moves away from the desired position. 


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